Why You're Failing at Cold Email, And What to Do to Crush It Instead.
Posted on October 20th, 2020.
Hey there, let me ask you, have you ever had to send a cold email campaign?

If you have, then you know the pain that comes with it. Every. Single. Time.

You spend days crafting the perfect message...

You spend weeks before that, building the perfect funnel to take the user through, once they click the link in your email...

You manage to procure a decent list of several hundred or even thousand contacts...

You spend several final hours battling with templates in MailChimp…

And now at 3:49 AM you are ready to push that big juicy SEND button.
So you frantically re-read your email copy one more time to make sure it’s perfect and hit SEND. You go to sleep relieved. All is well. For now…

The next day you wake up and anxiously monitor the campaign’s open rates all day, like a hawk. Refreshing the stats every 10 minutes.

1.7% of your list opened the email you sent by noon. It’s okay, it’s still early in the day… Refresh.
By 8:00 PM you’re up to 5.2% open rate. Link click rates are even worse, at 0.47%. In several days, your campaign tops out at 6.4% opened.

“Where did I go wrong?” you lament. “Cold email doesn’t work!” 

Wash, rinse, repeat. Every. Single. Time.

And it’s like that for thousands of marketers around the world, who don’t know what I’m about to teach you.

Hi, I’m Ayhan K. Isaacs, and I am a very specific type of marketer - one that specializes in cold email outreach.

I’ve been able to consistently achieve ~80% open rates with my cold email campaigns, and bring countless leads, clients, and thousands of dollars in revenue to the companies that hire me to do their email outreach.
Ahem ahem, don't mean to brag, ahem, but i think the numbers above speak for themselves. 85% open rate, 13% click rate, and 17% reply rate. All from a single cold email campaign.

And it’s all because I do one thing differently. And this one thing is called Email Inbox Warmup.

Yes, techniques such as list cleaning, segmenting, and proper copywriting are important, but they are of secondary importance to properly “warming up” your inbox.

You see, if your company is using Google’s G-Suite for their email marketing, as most companies do, there are certain rules you will need to play by, in order to succeed.

You can’t just take a brand new email inbox, or even one that’s currently being used for communication purposes, and all of a sudden blast out 1,000 emails.

You just can’t. G-Mail’s spam filters will catch your emails faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100 meter dash. And he’s pretty darn fast!

What instead you need to do before that, are two things:

You need to warm up your email inbox. And you need to warm up your domain.

That’s right, the domain you send your cold outreach from also matters a lot. 

This is why I recommend using what I call a “burner domain” for this purpose.

Burner Domain & Email Setup

If you plan on ramping up your outbound efforts and will be sending out a few hundred emails per day, I highly recommend you set up a “burner domain.”

Running outbound email campaigns can jeopardize your main domain’s reputation. You do NOT want to do that. 

So you want to use a different domain for your cold email outreach, than you do for all other communications, such as everyday email, marketing’s newsletter, transactional receipts, etc.

A “burner domain” is an alternative domain you buy to use specifically for cold email outreach. 

If your main domain is example.com a burner domain would be getexample.com or example.io. In fact, there are a myriad of choices you can use. Each domain costs around $10, so having several is recommended.

Under this “burner domain,” set up email accounts that will be used exclusively for your outbound campaigns. Set up your G-Suite as you normally would.

Next, you will want to ensure your burner domain has the following DNS records created:  

* If you do not know how to set these up, I highly recommend you seek professional advice and/or technical support.

Bonus Tips:

* Set up a URL & email forwarding from your burner domain's emails accounts to your primary one. That way when your prospects do reply, it will go to your primary email. 

* Set up a rule on your burner domain’s emails to never send anything to spam. That way you won’t miss out on anything! 

Email Inbox & Domain Warmup

Domain warmup is a practice of building up credibility around your domain. For example, when you receive an email from a big brand (like Apple, Nike, etc.) their domains are known - so email providers are more likely to place them in your inbox. 

Same principle applies to your inbox. Inboxes that show a history of sending and receiving emails from others - gain a positive reputation. Think of it like a way to identify whether or not an inbox (or domain) is legitimate. 

However building up reputation for an inbox requires time as you need to showcase some activity over a given period. This process is what is known in the industry as “inbox warmup.” 

This exactly where most email marketers fall short...
Warming up a domain & inbox exclusively for outbound emailing is a process many (especially newer companies) do not consider - and it results in all sorts of issues.

One way to warm up your accounts is to start with sending a low volume of emails to your prospects. Let them open, reply and/or click. Then over a weekly basis ramp up your sends per day. 

This process can get pretty technical and, if done manually, may require hiring several VA’s (Virtual Assistants) who are trained in email inbox warmup. And this is exactly what I do...

How To Automate Email Inbox Warmup & Achieve Stellar Open & Clickthrough Rates Every Time

I have a confession to make... 

There is no way I could write out all the steps I take when doing a successful inbox warmup, without turning this humble post into a book.

As mentioned earlier, when doing such warmup campaigns for companies in the past, I have had a portion of the budget allocated to hiring assistants across the globe that help in the warmup process.
These assistants manually perform tedious tasks, such as sending a specific number of emails per day amongst each other, opening them at the right times, marking them important, flagging them, etc.

The results have been nothing short of phenomenal (I’m yet to see open rates of 80%+ anywhere in the industry), however, I’m not going to lie, the process has been soul-crushing every time.

The need for this service, and the mind-numbingly tedious nature of it, drove me to want to create a way to automate it.

So after months of collaborating with one of Canada’s leaders in innovation, Crowdlinker Inc., we’re proud to present Warmbox, a fully automated, hands-off version of the email inbox warmup process.

Warmbox is a software that’s designed to help companies and individual marketers attain those elusive high email open rates and clickthroughs, by properly warming up their email inboxes and domains. These in turn result in more leads, sales, and revenue. Every. Single. Time. 

However, Warmbox goes beyond just being a proprietary software, and delivers a one-of-a-kind cold email coaching program.
While still pre-mass market, we are looking for 10 people to join Warmbox at an extremely discounted rate.

You will have your domain and email inboxes warmed up so you can blast out hundreds of cold emails in the future that hit your prospect’s inbox every time.

Again, this is limited to the first 10 people that sign up and is on a first come, first served basis. (As of October 20, 2020 we have 5 spots remaining.)

Click on the link below to see if you’re the right fit.
Thanks and looking forward to speaking with you soon,

Ayhan K. Isaacs.

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